Spumante was inspired by the shimmering lines found in prints by the eighteenth-century Venetian engraver Marco Pitteri, in Sol Lewitt’s graphite wall drawings, and in Agnes Martin’s canvases and works on paper. The title alludes to the effervescence, soft golden color, and scintillating effects of sparkling wine.
The composition of undulating lines was drawn by hand directly onto the linoleum block, and each line was carved out with a 1-mm gouge. To achieve the shimmer, a dappled texture was first printed from a collagraph plate made of cork. Areas of this plate were also modified with carborundum to produce dark tones and with gloss acrylic medium for highlights. The collagraph was printed in reddish black in the lower section of the image and ultramarine blue in the upper section. The linocut was printed over the collagraph in pure black.
The two small editions, Spumante and Spumante (bis), can be distinguished by a slight difference in the wiping of the collagraph plate.