The vastness of limitless space induces an exhilarating sensation. When I stand alone beneath an unobstructed night sky or before an expansive seascape, I am permeated by a deep feeling of reverence and quietude. In an urban environment this experience is harder to achieve. Large stretches of pavements are a haven for my senses. I am captivated by the individuality of each component and the rhythmic cohesion of the surface as a whole. There is elegance in the imperfections of the terrain. In my works, the absence of a horizon or a hierarchy of elements induces the viewer to explore sensuous details at length and to perceive a tangible sense of space, which seemingly extends beyond the borders. I render the textures and tones of these pavements most often in collagraph, building up the surface of the printing plate with materials such as acrylic mediums and carborundum, and printing it just as I would print a traditional etching.

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